Mastering the Sales Process and
Selling with Integrity

Make the Sale. Get the Business.

What You Will Get:

  • Enhanced confidence in your ability to sell yourself and your services.
  • Practical tips and techniques for marketing and sales that you can apply the very next day!
  • A copy of FIZZ! How to Succeed as an Independent Consultant (2019) with more detail on proposal writing, pricing, and managing projects.
  • An individual coaching session with Cathy to actualize what you learned.


  1. Overcome limiting beliefs about marketing and sales.
  2. Understand the marketing cycle and know where to impact it to create opportunities.
  3. Learn:
    1. The five basic elements of the sales process and how to close business successfully.
    2. The Do’s and Don’ts of maintaining your integrity as a consultant, when faced with client pressure.
  4. Practice a basic sales call and get feedback to improve your approach.
  5. Actualize what you learned!
Fizz by Cathy Perme

Join successful consultant, author and business coach Cathy Perme for a hands-on training on the fundamentals of selling yourself and your work with integrity. You’ll learn the essentials of the sales process, from prospecting to closing the deal.

By the end of this course you’ll know how to impact the process to gain new business, and how to build a powerful engine for referrals and repeat business based on your integrity.

You’ll gain confidence in your ability to sell and a clearer understanding of how to leverage your marketing efforts for maximum business success.

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Workshop Cost (including lunch): $595

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*Once enrolled, Cathy will be in touch with you to understand more about your business and what you want to achieve in the workshop, as well as to schedule your individual coaching session.

Our Agenda

Virtual Workshop: Setting the Stage

  • The Real (and Sometimes Hard) Truth

    • Your perceptions and experiences
    • Limiting beliefs
    • Basic assumptions
    • Selling yourself, versus selling a product
    • Maintaining your integrity
  • The Basic Marketing Cycle

    • Stages and length
    • Where and how to invest your time
  • The Sales Process

    • The five basic steps
    • How to structure a 1-hour sales call
    • Sales call demonstration
    • How to close business

Small Group Coaching: Practice Sales Calls

  • Everyone will have the opportunity to practice doing a sales call and to experience receiving a sales call, with coaching from Cathy

Individual Coaching: Putting It All Together

  • Reflection and Action Plan

About the Presenter

Cathy Perme

Cathy Perme – Successful Consultant, Author, and Business Coach

Cathy Perme has been a successful independent consultant for thirty years! Trained in the arts of sales and consulting at IBM, where she was a marketing instructor and taught new IBM’ers how to sell themselves, she later applied and fine-tuned these skills in selling her own consulting business. She was a finalist for a “Small Business Person of the Year” award within eight years of starting her business as a result of her volume.  Cathy also successfully navigated several economic downturns including the Great Recession.

In 2019, Calumet Editions published Cathy’s second book, FIZZ! How to Succeed as an Independent Consultant – a practical, “how-to” book in which she shares everything she’s learned, from tricks of the trade to hard-earned lessons.   Now she provides coaching and training to both budding and seasoned consultants in building greater success in their independent consulting business.


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Fizz by Cathy Perme

 What Past Participants Have to Say

“Most valuable to me was becoming aware of the marketing cycle; how to differentiate between prospects and qualified prospects; and where to put my effort to be most successful!”

Antoine W, Quality Consultant

“The opportunity to practice a sales call was eye-opening. Flaws in approach became more apparent.  The input from other members of the class was great.  Cathy made it very comfortable to share and participate.”

Management Consultant, Minneapolis

“Cathy was so helpful in sharing real, personal, and practical information.”

Carolyn B, HR Consultant

“I’ve already put some tips into practice and far exceeded my expectations for the day.”

Eric L, Web Marketing Consultant

A Virtual Workshop

“When fishermen can’t fish, they repair their nets.” This is a great time to learn to stretch and improve your skills in a low-risk environment, and prepare for the inevitable glut of backlogged needs.

  • Amazon will deliver the book to you in the format of your choice – Ebook, Paperback, or Audio
  • We will hold a 2-hour session via GoToMeeting, to introduce the concepts, models, and processes.
  • Cathy will schedule 2 individual or small-group coaching sessions (90-minutes each) to practice sales calls with you.
  • Cathy will schedule an additional coaching session with you individually, to help you actualize what you learned.