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Author Cathy Perme went into business for herself nearly 30 years ago after a successful career in the computer industry. As co-owner of Perme and Peterson Associates, LLC, she has worked with hundreds of companies of all sizes and in a wide variety of industries.

Cathy’s consulting firm, Perme & Peterson Associates LLC, has helped hundreds of organizations, from two-person firms to multinational corporations, to focus clearly, organize effectively, and act with courage.

Cathy enjoys working with all levels of an organization, from line workers to CEOs. She believes that we all have the opportunity to “take the lead” in both our professional and personal lives and offers practical advice on how to do that, as well as when to back off and why.

“The real reasons I went into consulting were to be respected and taken seriously; to really have the kind of influence that can lead to change; for the flexibility and ownership over what I was doing; and to have the ability to do what I love to do,” says Perme, who thinks there are a lot of people out there who feel the same way she does.

Earlier Publications

Confucius in My Cubicle: Practical Wisdom for the Leader in All of Us – Dec 12, 2017. While the world has changed significantly since Confucius lived over 2500 year ago, his teaching still resonates, especially about what it means to be a good leader and how to be human – and humane – with one another. This collection of essays and stories weave Confucius’ philosophy into modern leadership ideas. They reflect lessons from the author’s experience with clients and her own life as a modern American businesswoman. Provocative, pithy, and practical, you will walk away with new insights on how you can strengthen the leader inside of YOU!

Simple Purpose: How Women are Purposefully Changing the WORLD. Paperback – May 3, 2018. This book introduces you to a diverse and courageous group of women who are recreating the world and their own lives. Cathy Perme contributed to Chapter 3 in a section titled “Cathy Perme”.

The Change Handbook: The Definitive Resource on Today’s Best Methods for Engaging Whole Systems. Paperback – January 4, 2007. Cathy Perme co-wrote Chapter 28 on “SimuReal: Action Learning in Hyper-Drive.”

Future Search in School District Change: Case studies from members of the Future Search Network. Cathy Perme is the author of Chapter 9 in this collaboration of sixteen case studies involving change within the education system.

Published Articles

Does Culture HAVE to Eat Strategy for Lunch?   Cathy wrote this article as a contributing author at Most everyone has heard some version of “Culture eats strategy for lunch.” Does it have to be that way? Read Cathy’s tips for including cultural assessment as a factor in strategic planning.

Organizational Culture: The Memory of an Elephant   Cathy wrote this article as a contributing author at If you criticized workers in the past for taking chances, it won’t be easy to convince them that you’ve changed.

Beyond the Handshake: Practical Strategies for Building Successful Associate Relationships Practical strategies that have been found to be effective in creating consulting alliances that work. Click here for more.

Building Organizational Courage in Your Company Fostering organizational courage is difficult — but the key lies in being true to vision and values while at the same time embracing current reality, despair, and fears. Click here for more.

Whole Systems Change  A case study in the use of large group interventions and OD methodologies to effect change in a local school district. Click here for more.

Yikes!! Valuable and Humbling Lessons about Future Search Cathy Perme shares her experience with Future Search facilitation. Click here for more.

Fizz by Cathy Perme

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